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Asphalt Repair

Asphalt repair in Edwards

Contrary to the popular nursery rhyme, stepping on a crack won't break your mama's back. It could do far worse. It could break your back, or that of one of your employees, family members or customers. The financial aftermath could break your back in more ways than one. Don't let crumbling asphalt on your property become a liability. Let Mountain Maintenance & Asphalt repair it and get it looking smooth, fresh, and most importantly, safe.

No match for our patch

Problem: your driveway or parking lot is in bad shape, but re-doing it isn't in the budget. Solution? Patch it! 

Asphalt patching is a cost-effective way to keep damage at bay, and smooth the surface back out again. Whether your asphalt is cracked or broken, or has potholes or depressions, Mountain Maintenance & Asphalt can fix it.

Our repair services include: 
  • Cracked asphalt
  • Broken asphalt
  • Water damaged asphalt
  • Voids under a piece of asphalt
  • Spidering asphalt cracks

No road too long, or too short

From the tiniest of driveways or walkways, to the longest and windiest roads, there's no asphalt repair job too big or too small for Mountain Maintenance & Asphalt to handle. Put us to the test. We'll pass with flying colors.

We've repaired everything from industrial parking lots, concrete driveways and sidewalks to access roads and major highways. Got a pothole problem? Solve it with one phone call! We offer asphalt patching, repair, and paving.
Equipment for asphalt repair service in Edwards, CO
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